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An African black in Pakistan is like a white fellow in Libya. They stare at them in amazement.

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"An African black in Pakistan is like a white fellow in Libya. They stare at them in amazement."
"You can tell a lot about a person by what’s on their playlist."
Begin Again (2014)

'Aisay Kaisay' features Kanwal Eshai, Faris Shafi, Sharez Aziz, Jamal Rahman, Sameer Ahmad and Kami Paul. 

Artist: Jimmy Khan
Song: Aisay Kaisay
Composition and Lyrics: Jimmy Khan
Guitars: Jamal Rahman
Bass: Sameer Ahmad
Drums: Kami Paul

Back to #Madgeburg #Germany with @saqibbaber
"Never mix culture and Islam."

Chef 2014 - Movie Night

Blood Brothers at @eyeona ‘s wedding 😃
DAY 2336
DAY 2336


Jalsa, Mumbai Sept 7/8, 2014 Mon 1:37 am

I can never explain this but there is a specific joy in meeting up with the Ef.. there is a peculiar feel of oneness, of joy and happiness, like meeting up with a long lost friend or a family member coming home after a long while ..

Met some today…


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Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan: View of Shigar valley from the Kharpocho Fort in Skardu.
Kharpocho Fort (The king of Forts) is a fort in Skardu city in Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan that dates from the 16th century, It was build by Ali Sher Khan Anchan. It’s a half hour climb to partly reconstructed fort, from where there are fine valley views. The fort and its mosque are located on the eastern face of the Khardong Hill. A view from these monuments brings into vision the entire valley, the Indus River and the scenic beauty of Shigar valley and the Skardu City.

A Pakistani and Chinese soldier holding hands at the border.